Friday, September 4, 2009

last post of day

hello dear readers!
I finished the draft! Calloo Callay oh frabjous day! I sent it off electronically to Gwen who will print it (she has one of them there fancy lazer printers) and take it to read on the plane and airports between here and there and the other place. I feel...funny but not ha ha. Sort of sick if you must know or delicate. Yep. I feel delicate. I'll leave it at that. While I am awaiting to get it back I'm working on my query letter etc...and the new one - the new Kitty MacDonald mystery. Yep. But not tonight. Tonight, the SP and I are going to watch either the first episodes of Weed or Office. Gawd. We wanted to watch the first season of West Wing but we're 12th in line at the library so...

Local dinner....oh my dears, wasn't it grand! And local. SP grilled pork chops - he's not playing but thinks they were local anyway. I went into the garden and got a big bunch of green beans and a cuke and a few scrubby stupid carrots but never mind them and a zuke that hid from me last week when I was making zuke and chocolate cake, and two heritage tomatoes that were ripe and I picked the biggest Sweet Mama Squash - but we didn't eat that. On the grill - porkchops, zuke pieces, tiny eggplants (from market), potato quarters. Steamed and drizzled with butter - the beans. In a bowl with nothing (no vinegar or anything) tiny slices of the tiny black tomatoes and big slices of cuke. Everything was scrumptdillyicious! And I'm fuller than anything. So there! I did it. Now I'm going go. Later...


Rayna M. said...

Congratulations!!! Time to bring out the wine.

The dinner sounds great too, even to someone who doesn't eat red meat.

grrl + dog said...

Do you feel weird because you let your baby fly from the nest electronically?

Sort of post - book birth depression?

I cam relate - go do some chicken pose - cluckasana - that'll fix you.

LABANAN said...

Hello dear responders,
The dinner was delish - I don't eat red meat either - only fish. But Mr. Man is from Labrador and from a long line of hunter/trappers so we co-exist happily. He wishes I would eat meat. I do miss bacon however. It was my first word!
And grrl - no, I've sent things out lots electronically so it isn't that. It might be that I want to continue to fuss with it. Still not sure...but today I will check out all moods around it. I know it is such a small part of the entire process - merely writing the thing. Gosh. And then I read the TLS and think - oh right, you aren't a real writer like Margaret Drabble or Naipaul.
cluckasana it is...tighten my bundis whatever they are.