Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today is the Day!

this day
on this day the daylilies are extremely excited
they love every day
but this is a very big day in the daylily world.
I can tell by the way they toss their heads
like sexually charged up thirteen year old girls
when the basketball team strolls the halls.
this is the day
that all the plot tangles fell out leaving
a perfectly clear narrative line
instead of the bottom of the fishing tackle box
that I'd been looking at for too long.
this is the day
that my dearest guy says sure
I'll do the shopping and why don't I sweep up before I go
and my step-son goes with him
wanting to be away from
mercurial mood I'm sure.
this is the day
my long-lost friend arrives
and the sheets for her bed are drying on
a most perfect drying day
and towels are plumped up on the dresser
and flowers are put in a wavy green glass
on the bedside table.
this is that day!

1 comment:

Liz in PA said...

Oh how wonderful! Looks like plans for
a wonderful reunion adventure w/your Friend
will begin today!
Enjoy and take lots of pictures!