Wednesday, July 29, 2009

more rocks less walker

I worked like a maniac yesterday and then I hit a rock in the road and my transmission fell out. Or something like that. I realized long about page 190 or so that I needed my protagonist to know something that she was keeping quiet about. No, that's wrong. I found out that my protagonist knew something that she didn't want to share because she thought it might mean something bad for someone she loves. I think it was there all the time and I just kept going around it and pretending it wasn't happening. I am Cleopatra, Queen of de Nile! So now I have some serious jigging and patching to do. I'm up for it! I'm actually quite glad! And I don't think it will change my time line for finishing this draft. No, I think it might be just the ticket!

oh and jude - no pic this morning of the garden because the daylilies aren't open to the glorious sun yet!!!! Gosh. Hey, I'm sure I have one though so I'll look now... here ya go! The top one is this year but the bottom one is last but ya know it looks exactly the same!

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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Beautiful garden!

Good luck with the plotline.

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