Monday, August 3, 2009

The Rock Walker

I just sent out my book to two readers. I have a couple more I'm sending too and then I'll start another project or revisit one I'm already working on. But not today. Today, I'll go somewhere with my pal and her dear husband. Not the beach though cuz it is RAINING out.
Yesterday, in a nice circular thing, I went with Ron and visitors to Peggy's Cove. We went to the gallery where I'd overheard the conversation about rock walkers and then of course up to the rocks themselves. It felt round and good.
round and good is how I feel altogether.
later, dear dear readers.

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Liz in PA said...

Hello Jan~ Today is SUNSHINE and I love it!

I can feel your pleasure that THE ROCK WALKER is completed! CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU - bottoms up! I'm joining you in a Salute= YUM!

Keeping my fingers X'd.........Smile!