Wednesday, June 3, 2009

one more sleep and then my sweet patootie is home. I was going to meet him at the airport with flowers or balloons or dressed in bubble wrap but I can't because his sister is driving him home - she's on her way to Newfoundland and will spend the night in town. So I'll have to meet him in our room after the kids go to sleep which is never all you people with teens or who've had em and who would really when you think about it - but I digress. So at 3 am Friday morning I will give SP the greeting he deserves. Imagine what you will. Who am I to stop you.
Tonight I went to step-dots talent show. She's been in a constant bitch about it for weeks because everyone but her is a complete and utter idiot and guess what don't blame that on me - it's not my blood coursing through her veins along with four thousand units of hormones - noooooo! She was utterly fantastic. She did a monologue and she did a very good job. O I love school shows of any sort. I get mad because the sound is always bad and the kids who attend are noisy and ridiculous but still the weird magic always happens.
and then we dropped off her mom who we'd brought and then I made her an egg and salsa and cheese and avocado on bagel - I had a g&t, she had an orange juice. It was sublime. And she let me hug her.

later dudes.

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arlommoen said...

Nice to see you're still at it .good on U.