Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Rock Walker

I am restless and fidgety. My internet is soooooo slow that I could choke the neck of my computer if I didn't know better. I've worked a tonne on The Rock Walker and it feels so scary. The more I work - the more I realize I have to do. John Wayne crows and crows. Perhaps he knows his days are numbered. Latest on the chicken front is that Ron has once again agreed to let Crow sit out a clutch giving us some chicks in a month or so. As soon as we go with this we will send JW to freezer camp. Ron told me he would do the deed and doesn't mind. JW has taken the fun out of having chickens for me. He stalks me - his beady eyes twirling in his head - always so paranoid and weird. He jumps his gals in front of me to show what a big shot he is as if that would impress me. I suppose, in his defence, how could he show me his superior nature? Reciting Jane Austin? But he is a brute and I am tired of his particular form of maleness. I don't think the hens will be all that disappointed at his departure either. Several of them have bare spots on their backs from his aggresive ways. They cower when he bullies and I see them as battered wives with sad little kercheifs on their heads and net bags with the week's groceries in them. They mutter to each other. Perhaps they are like those plural wives of fundamentalist Mormons - happy with each other and happy not to bear the full brunt of their husband alone. We could trim his spurs and clip his beak but really...why? I will have to square this with my belief system somehow. I suppose just eat the karma that accrues with sentencing a being to death. Like all those big fat dozy flies Anita and I killed up in Quebec when we stayed in a motel at the age of 15. What were you thinking you parents??? Killing those flies was, fortunately, the worst we got up to. We rode horses and ate at this weird chip stand. The fly killing really stands out. We must have been bored. Stephen King would have loved us but he was probably doing something similar somewhere else.

later my lovely readers...


Jude said...

Thanks for the latest, my dear. I am addicted and need a new post often.
Oh the stress! But that's what a bloggers life is, no?
Worked all day on my business plan, wish I was working on a book, t'would be more creative, I think.
I will take my bent neck and rigid back into the next room to play with the cats.
Love you.

LABANAN said...

yay! I love getting comments! Why don't you pretend it is a book and I'll pretend my novel is a business plan. Might work - then we can write a book about the process and make a zillion!
love you bunches pude!

Anonymous said...

I am reading your chicken stories before the knitting..

So John Wayne is not a team player? Maybe it's his name sake..always did things his own way.

A hard decision, but one perhaps nature would agree with for the sake of future life.