Saturday, June 6, 2009

an odd assortment of things...

don, jude and moi

It is raining. The step-dot and I meandered down to the Hubbards Market the lazy way which means the long way by the shore. Just in case people were out selling chia pets or lava lights by the side of the road in the pouring rain. We're always hopefull, she and I. The market is a much smaller one than the Halifax Farmers' Market but it is dear. We ate sweet things before we found the breakfast panninis but we didn't let that stop us. We found the absolutely dearest guy selling plants and bought a heather called Red Fred from him. He had all these plants that seemed to need a lifetime in one garden (which is a bit hard for me to think of right now). He said that this heliotrope he had didn't bloom until last year (after six years!) and last year it gave him ONE blossom and this year TWO. Oh my but we liked him. I also bought the fattest radishes I've ever seen and nice lettuce and onions so it wasn't all crazy. OH and a rhubarb plant to divide and put into the bottom of the garden. I love rhubarb. Don't you? All cooked up with strawberries into a pie or made into crumble. And did you know it is absolutely packed with calcium?
On the meander back we stopped at a flea market in a hall called Paul's Hall. Not much there. An old copy of Cold Comfort Farm I'm glad to re-own. I got into a fight with an Australian woman who didn't want to take any money from me for some old recipe magazines. We did laugh at one book called Favourite Potatoes! and one called Daschounds for Dummies but we resisted. We did get a car hippopotomas. Oh, you don't have one? Odd. Ours, it turns out, is named Bev.
I read somewhere that the car is the only place most parents can get one on one time with their kids and I have to agree with that. S-D was a bit quiet and morningly grumpy in the beginning but she warmed up. We decided on a symbol to use to find each other in our next lives but I'm not telling. That was a very fun conversation.
I just finished working on the programme for the play I'm directing that goes up (and down) next Friday. I still am waiting for some bios. I would like this work if it weren't for the fact that people will NOT do what they promise to. arggggh! We have a good long rehearsal in a proper space tomorrow afternoon. I really hope everyone is there or I shall go completely mad.
I have been working steadily on The Rock Walker. I am pleased but can't really discuss it because it will sound ...well...crazy. But it isn't. I assure you. I will have the 2nd Draft done in a couple of weeks and then readers will read and then it'll be off to the big guys. I feel full to the brim with confidence for this one.
Cal gets home from Cost Rica or somewhere like that today. He has my lense thus the no current pics. I'll throw something in to liven up the old thing!
later lovely readers. oh AND please comment. If only to say pbtthhttt! (a Bill the cat reference for you Berkley Breathed fans)


Liz in PA said...

Lovely day for you!
I hope to read The Rock Walker when it is published! So let me know! OK?

I hope your Play is a grand success!

I am off to my Grandson's H.S. graduation party this afternoon! Should be fun!
Helping my Daughter out with my contribution of:

1. 7 Layer Salad
2. Brown Bread (date/nut)

Be Well! And Smile :-) ♥♥♥Liz

Jude said...

Sounds like a wonderful day - the car is the best vehicle for kid-talk. (hee, hee).
Spent the day and evening with friends, but back to the grind today.
Give us a call, what, luv?

Sue Goyette said...

Ah, teens in cars. Maybe it's because they're not actually looking at us when they talk. And the acoustics in the car make them sound so good, they go on and on. You know what happens when they do look at us, especially if we're doing some crazy thing like singing...Egads.
As for picking personal next life symbols, that has to be the next great party game!

LABANAN said...

Hi all great gals! it is true - kids in cars - they are yours and yours alone - especially since my radio and cd player is broken. Which has turned into such a blessing I can't tell you. Why I didn't even know that the NDP are going to form the next NS government! No one tells me anything... (I can just imagine Liz scratching her head on that list of meaningless letters - sorry Liz - it's a Canadian thing - we like to have expensive elections as often as possible) Ya to that game idea! I'll explain how we went about the party when I have a margarita in my hand.

Anonymous said...

Always loved kids in cars, it continues into their 30s! Back and forth to golf, Pembroke, dentist, all works. Anxiously awaiting Rockwalker to review.