Thursday, June 11, 2009

gloomy grey

a picture of Don and I canoeing at Lake Metigoshe about 16 years ago...

it must be Cold Comfort Farm infecting my mood. I'm starting to think like the 'just leave me to my misery' Judith. The gloomy skies, the fecund earth heaving with its craven desires, the trees bending and groaning, the cock crowing....

But then hey! A bit of Flora comes in and I realize if I just ORGANIZE everything it will be alright. If I just marry off those who need to be married - yes dear reader I've come to realize she is much more an Austin's Emma than a Cecily after all - and let the bull out of the barn and get someone in for a make-over well then all will be well on Gloomy Chicken Acres.

Or perhaps, I could get down to the work to do on the novel. Yes, dear reader, I'm floundering a bit again. It is sort of like being a friend to a woman who is prone to false-pregnancies to be a follower of this blog, no? But then, as soon as I write those words, I get a surge of LET'S GET ON WITH IT and on I will get.

Ta da for now!

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