Friday, June 12, 2009

opening night

just a quick post before I fly out the door. I'm meeting Cal for lunch and to get my lense back so I can take some pics tonight at the show. Then off to the theatre to do all the last minute stuff - make sure the lights are hung and focussed - pack in more chairs than will fit because we are going to sell out and have one last run through - gallop through really. Also I want to change something - wicked to do but irresistable - and I added another verse to the song Julie is singing.
I need to pick up a box of wine - yes a box - this whole thing is too expensive by half already - and some cards for my lovely cast and crew!
We open at 8 - should be done and dusted by 9:30 - bit of a party with cake and boxy wine and then on home. Yay! Ron and I plan on taking out the finally finished row boat tomorrow. What fun!
Crow is sitting nicely on her brood. We put a little kennel in the coop so that she can be locked up now and then or others can be locked out. Two more weeks and we should have little peeps running about in the wild flowers. ah....

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