Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A NDP government in my time!

I am in shock. We have a NDP government with a big majority in Nova Scotia. I am in shock. Like Cousin Judith - her face was grey. Only mine is sort of white with bits of red here and there. Very attractive I'm sure.
Rodney McDonald, the outgoing premier, got 10 seats. The liberals got 11 seats. NDP got 31. Finally Nova Scotians rejected the established way. I was the president of the Lunenburg East NDP about 20 years ago. Getting our deposit back in an election was a huge win. Now that area, under another name, has an NDP in the seat. I remember scrutineering in a very rural inland area at the polling station and the folks looking at me like I had horns and a tail. They simply had never seen a lefty shit-disturber before. By the end of the day with generous sharing of squares we bonded but initially???
I am not sure that the NDP are the lefty shit-disturbers anymore. As soon as you get to the fat centre - then who are you? Now the tough time starts - how is the leader going to manage the deep wants of those that put him there without going to the dark side?

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