Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today is a writing day. Gwen has just left and I am here continuing on. The writing life. I like those words together - as if it is separate and whole - the writer's life, the chicken-rancher's life, the step-ma's life, the therapist's life, the wife's life... the life of the life.

I'm working on The Rock Walker. Arlo loaned me a couple of Writers' Digest and one of them had an article on pacing. One of the things discussed in the article was the notion that one should toss the first three pages of your writing draft - a Chekov quote I think - especially if:

your protagonist is in bed
or the bath
and being reflective about how they're stuck...

And which of my three novels does that ring true for ? ALL of the BUGGERS. So Feckless is too much right now for me to look at. I'll just get dejected and crazed and True is a bit hard to tackle too so it's The Rock Walker. And I've pruned about 3 thousand words and I'm on page 61 of a 161! And, most importantly dearest reader, it is so-o-o much fun! I am loving it. I'm just taking out the explanatory drivel which I know I had to write so I can know it but the reader doesn't need all that blah blah! Wow - I've done it before but I always forget how exhilerating it is. Which is to say I'm going back in now and I'll talk to you all later.

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