Saturday, March 7, 2009


What a glorious day! Gawd! I took the step-dot to the market where we had a very nice time and I got to talk to her a bit about her general attitude. I think it is always quite a surprise for her to find out that folks (meaning parental and teaching units) don't particularly enjoy her rich sense of sarcasm and irony or as our own parents might have called it - rude and saucy behaviour. So all was good and fun at the market and then I spent some time cleaning out the coop. As I'm using the 'deep-litter' method this is the first time I've scraped down to the bottom - shoveled into about ten or twelve wheel-barrow loads and started the garden compost pile on the other side of the wood pile. Yay - piling stuff! I had to take a few breaks because I'm old and tired but I got it all done. The gang was in immediately to check out their new and improved digs. They are so curious. Then I wrenched her highness off the computer and told her no more until the room is clean. She spent about ten minutes upstairs and then I found her again on-line so I said "if I go upstairs now and find the room is still a mess you'll lose the computer for a week - want to chance it?" apparently she didn't as she went up to dig out her own deep-litter. We'll see. Could be another FUN night around the house. Ron just went to get the lad from the movies. He is off the computer because he "forgot" to get his report card again. While he was at the movies his mother phoned - she found his report card hidden under something in the front hall. It stinks and he's lied a whole bunch. Ron went to pick up the report card and then him. Glad it isn't me in either seat.

I don't remember this exact pain with my bio-boys but it could be like the veil that covers one around memories of child-birth. I mean would I have even gone out on a second date with Ron had I given this aspect my full attention? I am unsure. Glad I did for all sorts of reasons and the kids are one of them but man it is so-o-o painful sometimes.

Chickens are more reliable all in all and only nominally stinkier.


oceanartist said...

Dear Dearie

Lovely picture of you in your new down coat. Thank you so much for the lovely eggie that I received from you this week. It was unfertilized, just like me, so we have something in common already.

I hope that we can get together for a scratch in a few weeks. Hurray for bug season! I thought it would never get here.

Keep on laying girl.

labanan said...

Dear Annie,
I'm so glad you approved! I feel as I am the most artistic of the hens - they don't have anything on their eggs whearas I try and do an impressionistic articulation of the cosmos. So fine to be appreciated - and let's remember art that can be eaten is good art indeed! You might try egg tempura next time or do you??? I have no idea what I'm clucking about but after all I'm just a little chicken...