Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Reporting here at 9:39 pm. I wrote for a goodly part of the day. Or to be exact, I unwrote. The Rockwalker is about two thousand words less than it was. So it remains after many hours work nearly half-done! But oh my - does it feel good. I really want a goodly stretch to finish it. I could write about five thousand words a day on a retreat and that means I would need a retreat of ....hmmm...math brain turn on here.....ten days to write and three or four to edit back down a bit to give me a decent draft that I could then get polished and out! Yes! I can feel it! Or, because- who am I kidding about a writing retreat - I can't even afford a writing lunch for gawd's sake - if I do a regular thousand a day which is not remotely hard I need fifty days - so editing and all by mid May I could have a decent draft to send out. OK. We're on! Then I'll need a smallish group of readers who might go through it especially for tenses and structural problems. But I'm liking it - I really am. I feel quite Phylis Diller like - laughing at her own jokes - but if I don't like it what the hell am I spending all this time on it for? OK - going to have a bath and contemplate the idea that if one keeps chopping wood - you get more wood, you get better at chopping but then the metaphor breaks down because the wood doesn't get funnier or more elegant or tighter BUT my writing will!

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