Friday, April 1, 2016

A is for Alcott, Louisa May

My theme this year is the ABCEDARIA of Women who have inspired me.

A is for Alcott, Louisa May.
this clip is from the same crunchy bound book I had as a child

And even more specifically - Jo from Little Women. I still thrill to think of her writing away in her little garret in the attic of the March's home. She has shaped my life since the first time I read about her - and of course Jo is Louisa May Alcott - not all of her but the writerly heart of her. When I lose a piece of writing by forgetting to save it I always flash on Jo finding out that her sister Amy has burned her only copy of a manuscript. Owwwwww! That is the worst thing ever. But Jo persists and triumphs. She never gives up even when the whole world (or at least her whole family) is wishing she would. Also - like Jo - I got my writerly start by writing bits of plays for family and friends to act out - and then went on to have real live plays produced by real live theatre companies. I, also like Jo, worked in the newspaper biz for awhile when I was young.

So even if I'm 64 years old and haven't had a novel published yet - I take inspiration from Alcott and her wild-hearted Jo.

Other fabulous A's - Jane Austin - if the sisters in Little Women fueled my youth, the sisters in Pride & Prejudice lit a fire in my (slightly) older years.

Do you hearken back to any old books, or characters to help keep you going?

On another note : My mother, Bea Morrison, died 24 years ago on April 1st. I still miss her and feeling it more keenly today as my fella's mother died just a week and a bit ago. Mums! She still visits me in my dreams (as does my Daddio) and I'm always happy when she drops by for a visit. Here she is on the right at a photo taken in Oakville. My sister Jude is the glam babe on the left, then my bro, Don in a suit, then me in a silly hat, my Daddio and my flashy looking mum! I'm guessing this is 1966.


Margot Kinberg said...

What a lovely tribute, Jan. Thank you for sharing. And you know, Little Women was one of the first novels that I read. Alcott has had so much influence.

Myfanwy Hart said...

I used to love Alcott - must revisit I think. Austen's house is very close to here - we often visit. My mum died earlier this year. I was blessed to have her live to 97. Thanks for sharing.

Visiting from A-Z Challenge

Karen Jones Gowen said...

This photo of your family is priceless! And it does look very much like 1966. The era of the hat, wasn't it? Now it seems like only the Queen looks good in hats anymore. And Princess Diana did of course, but then she looked fabulous in anything.

Little Women still holds up. I read it a couple years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't say that for all the books I loved when I was young.

Hart Johnson said...

Little Women was the first novel my mom read to me. I was maybe in 2nd grade. I remember loving it. I was a big Amy fan. Didn't come to appreciate Jo until I was a little older (I read the book myself in Jr. High). Hugs to you for your mom memories.

lissa said...

Jo and her writings is the part that I like about Little Woman but May Alcott is definitely inspiring.

have a lovely day.

Susan Scott said...

So pleased to see you here Jan! Lovely photograph of your family! Yes, I go back to old books to re-read, more recently Hermann Hesse: the Glass Bead Game...

S.P. Bowers said...

Jo March is one of the most universal characters I know. She is in the hearts of so many people. She's in mine, too.

Shelly said...

What a great family photo! What a good looking family too!

I'm visiting from the A to Z Challenge.

Pat Garcia said...

I too have a special feeling for Jo in Louisa's book. Don't give up on your authorship, keep focusing and moving toward your goal even if you don't see it.
And I can also understand that about your mother. My mom passed away on November 13, 2002 and that day always awakens in me the desire to say hi.
Patricia @ EverythingMustChange