Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A to Zed is acoming

Hi Y'all! I will be doing the A to Zed for about the fifth year in a row. I think. I'll check on that in a bit! ( I just did and nope it is my sixth) I can't add a badge for a really good reason. I'm not the administrator on this blog! Well, I am - but not under my current email address and I can't get anyone in the blogverse to listen to my tale of woe so not sure how soon I can change it. I can post all I want but nothing with the basic container. That's why I never change my look - which oddly is probably a good thing as I could spend a great deal of time futzing about hanging new curtains and changing the art work.

So until I get the ability to run my own ship (whoa! metaphor collision alert) I'll just keep posting this badge - what fun eh?

My theme? What? I don't know yet - this would be far far too soon. I'll know when I write my first post for Friday. It may be that I write it later tonight as I will be somewhat busy until Saturday except for a bit of time this evening...but truly I haven't quite nailed it yet.

I've done all sorts over the years - just choosing words out of the dictionary and writing little stories with them as inspiration or writing about the important traits of being a writer. But this year? Just not sure. I'm just this week putting the very last polish on my novel - it has gone back and forth between me and my mentor for the past seven months. Now it is ready to find a home - so that might be my theme - shopping the novel - but not quite sure. How could I write about that when I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to go about it?

I might write about the mentors in my life - think I've had at least 26 but do their names fit into the plan - eep - I wouldn't think so. Maybe my posts can be love letters to late bloomers - I think about that quite a bit as I approach aging ungracefully (and ungratefully which is stupid considering the alternative!).

I do want to connect whatever I do to my writing life - my crazy writing life - that is the theme of this blog and perhaps it is enough. 26 posts on why I persist or 26 posts on how I stay inspired or 26 posts on best creative life hacks. Ooh, I think I might be getting close. I'll finish this post - grab a bit of hot chocolate and come back to figure it out. See you Friday!


Liza said...

Good luck on your A-Z. I never dare. This year, I actually had an idea, but that's as far as it went. I'm good at cheering on the sidelines and will be clapping for you!

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Liza! Finally chose a theme so...and I'm keeping my posts short!

Margot Kinberg said...

So glad to hear you'll be doing the A-Zed challenge this year, Jan. I've always really liked your approach to it. Looking forward to your posts.

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks Margot - I have a different approach this year - short but I think fun and inspiring!

Cassie Phillips said...

That's great that you have been doing this for 6 years! This is my first year and I am just trying to visit as many blogs as I can to find new ones to read and network with! Good luck and congrats on participating in so many challenges. Cassie from Mommy, RN