Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Sort of Limbo

I'm in a sort of limbo as I await my edited manuscript. What will I find? I know the person who is doing it says he marks up manuscripts heavily so not to be concerned. After all that is what I want - don't I? Then I will be forced to carve out some time to work on making the changes. How will that work? I've never had a job that engaged me on so many levels - my time - more than full-time, energy (working with all ages of kids and adults) heart (so much trauma) and soul (children! parents!)  So it won't be at work that I take time. I think there will be nothing for it but to get up each morning by five and get an hour in before I start to get ready for work. I leave the house at 7:30 for 8 A.M. and when I get home I am bushed. I'm often in the tub by nine and bed by nine-thirty. I never liked writing at night unless I had a heavy-duty deadline and even then in the last few years I simply couldn`t do it. On the weekends I`ll be able to do a bit more but not a lot more. Weekends are now laundry, chores, shopping for groceries, housecleaning and a tiny bit of entertaining. Oh and cooking. Cooking I love even if I have to and I never have to. I have a fella who also loves to cook.

So all that is rumbling around in my brain pan.
And I`ll be in limbo until I know how it will pan out!

Meanwhile the bay is finally starting to break-up - yay! Soon we`ll be going to the Ice to Water Dance. Double yay! And my buddy Deb is flying in on Saturday and we`ll hang out for four glorious days! Triple yay!
This photo is of the bay before it got all friz up.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Good luck with finding time to make the edits! I'm like the bed at 9:30, worn out. I do like writing first thing in the morning...hope that works for you, too.

Margot Kinberg said...

Oh, that's a lovely 'photo, Jan! And I know what you mean about making the time to do revisions and edits. I've found that the hardest part is opening the document and getting started. After that, it just...seems to happen.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

I too am in a sort of limbo. Everything I work on that at first I'm excited about, collapses. I've not had this happen to me for awhile and I hope my writing limbo soon passes. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying life!

Pat Garcia said...

Waiting on your baby (the manuscript) to be returned is definitely nerve whacking. But I'm so glad to see you put it up to be edited. It's not hanging around lying on your desk or on a book pile.
Whatever the editor finds will be his or her suggestions to make your manuscript excellent and when the time comes, I'm sure you'll find the time because that is one of your heart's desires.
I'm rooting for you.

Alana said...

What a beautiful - sunrise? And to still have snow. I thought April was bad for us (upstate NY) we did have a freeze warning yesterday but that's not quite the same.