Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tomorrow starts the A to Zed Challenge

Hello dear readers - tomorrow will start the A to Zed Challenge and I'm in. I've done it the last few (three?) years and always enjoy it. I am well aware I haven't been around much and so welcome the opportunity to get some joyous blogging done. As this is my writing site I always try to have a writing theme for the A to Zed. At least two years I did A to Zed spontaneous writing - let my fickle finger of fate hover over a dictionary page and choose a word (with the correct first letter) that I used as a prompt for an essay or story. I might do that again, not sure yet. I also enjoyed doing the Abcedaria of writerly attributes - that was fun, challenging, and I think helpful to other writers wherever they are on the path. Perhaps this year I'll do the Abcedaria of Challenges and Obstacles on the Writing Path and how to Overcome them. Wow! That sounds good! Or maybe the Abcedaria of the Guardian Angels of Writers - starting with Alcott (Louisa) - how various writers' words have encouraged me as a struggle to carry on my crazy writing life. Tune in tomorrow for what it will be!

Apple of my eye (newest grandson Rorric)
Zebra dreaming...


Hart Johnson said...

We can make our blogging come back together... or something. Your grandson is adorable!

Margot Kinberg said...

I love that 'photo of your grandson, Jan!! And very much looking forward to your A-Z posts :-)