Thursday, January 29, 2015


In a couple of hours I'll take to the air and fly to Halifax by way of St. John's. I've done everything I said I would and I am so looking forward to being there - my grandchildren, all my buds, the new library (which is spectacular by EVERYONE's account) a movie or two, meals in restaurants - real restaurants, just city life period for a bit. And out to my pal's to celebrate a late Gomish - a totally Dr. Seusian holiday we invented - lots of Babe time - oh oh oh!

I'll miss the mister and bella and the beach. Me and Bella went out for a snowshoe this morning. Well I snowshoed - she plowed through drifts up to her chest and deeper.

The other thing I did is send my manuscript off to my mentor. Oh, how I love to say those words - I could say them all day! I finished my latest revision based on a crit from a friend and winged it off to G. (not sure I'm allowed to out him so I'll just call him G.)  He says he's keen to fly atter so that is good. His deciding to mentor me came about because I asked him when he was teaching at Piper's Frith. And that, my friend, is the newest thing in my life. Asking for what I want. It started with getting a grant to Piper's Frith. I asked for it and they thought it was reasonable and they gave it to me. Gadzooks! Then I asked him after I met him and realized he actually got what I was about and was the fella I needed to see me out the gate. And he said yes. And he never would've suggested it - I HAD TO ASK.

Then at the place that hired me to work part time - well, they called me in to see what else I could do and I asked to be considered for a job that was soon to be advertised. I don't know if I'll get it - should find out in the next two days as I had my interview yesterday but that isn't the point. I said "nope, don't want the job that you could give me right away - I want this one - it suits me to my toes"  I couldn't believe the words were coming out of my mouth. Then I asked a person I was having a tricky time with to stop something they were doing and they did! I am telling you - I'm on a roll. I know I won't necessarily get what I think I want or if I do it might be something I shouldn't have gotten BUT I cannot tell you the force and power and light and sparkliness of simply asking. And I'm not talking about manifesting or imagining or forecasting or anything mysterious and possibly wonderful but rather complicated - I'm talking about "I'd like you to be my mentor - I will undoubtedly be a pain in the ass but I think we'll both have fun - whadya say?"

Okay - here are some photos of today's snow shoe adventure - see you later... we didn't go in the woods - too darn deep!


Jan Morrison said...

Just this minute found out I got the job! Kazow!@!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations, Jan!!!! Yippee!! So excited for you! And I wish you a wonderful trip. Oh, lovely 'photos, too!

Liza said...

Ah! The power of asking. As in, nothing ventured...and all that, right? Congratulations!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

My husband likes to say "If you don't ask, the answer is always no." Congrats on your job!

Arlee Bird said...

Hope the job is going well. I won't even ask about the state of the snow now, though in a backhanded way I guess I did.

Arlee Bird
A to Z Challenge Co-host
Tossing It Out