Monday, May 20, 2013

Victoria Day and my dear son Cal's birthday!

Yep, my youngest is 41 today. Hmmm... ah well. Cal is a wonderful quirky individual - in fact, he is the most individual individual that I know! I wish he was here so we could go out for a big feed but alas alack he is in Ottawa where he lives with his lovely gal, Grazie. I hope they are having a swell day and how nice that it is also a holiday! I kind of wish they'd keep Victoria Day to the day which is the 24th but then we wouldn't get long weekends so ...
Just reading that Lincoln (in the fabulous book A Team of Rivals - that the movie Lincoln derived from) was the one who instigated American Thanksgiving. Originally it was up to the governor of each state. So there! Who knows how it got going here in Canada but late November would be far too late for us northerners to have a harvest feast!
When I grew up Victoria Day was also Firecracker Day. Now every day is firecracker day - too bad - things are less fun when relegated to the every day.

Now - what's up with me and writing as this is my Crazy Writing Life? I am nearly finished the latest revision of Bright Angel. As stated, I did it in twenty page heats - which was perfect. I'm on the last thirty pages so a heat and a half. Figure it might be a longer time than the first part as the end is the most ... um ... untogether. Yes. Then I'll figure out where I'm sending it.

June will soon be upon us and that is the month that we Burrowers do our writing marathons.  I have no desire to begin another one - Bright Angel was done in last years  event of BuNoWriMo. So I think I will use the time and help of the others in order to finalize my revision of The Rock Walker - my first mystery. If I get it done to my satisfaction - which would be ready to send out - I'll finish Earth Bound - the second of my Kitty McDonald mysteries and one I wrote the bulk of in my first NaNoWriMo. It is still a dog's dinner and I thought I should never do a fifty tho in thirty day venture again as I cannot seem to PLAN AHEAD but I broke that hex with Bright Angel. I now know the secret - simplify simplify simplify!

And what are your goals for the coming days, weeks, months?

Here's a gratuitous pic of my man and my dog!


Emily Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Cal!

PS. Your dog is way too adorable:*

Hart Johnson said...

GAH! I keep forgetting to promote BuNoWriMo... it's coming, but I'm a scatterbrain! If you want a beta read of Bright Angel, just shout! And happy birthday to Cal! An individual individual sounds like you did a really good job!

Johanna Garth said...

Happy birthday to your son and your dog makes me want to get a dog of my own!

Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - Happy Birthday to your son! Oh, and thanks for sharing that lovely 'photo. I don't blame you for focusing on finishing Bright Angel. I always like that feeling of finishing up one project and then gathering what it takes to start another.