Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finishing Bright Angel

Yesterday was a tough day. I wrote with Gwen in the morning and as I had done the last touch-ups on Bright Angel I looked forward to it being pretty straight-forward. Except that I wasn't happy with my last chapter. I struggled and struggled - tried changing a rather mega event (the climax) changed it back. It was the denouement that just wasn't working. The climax was too stunning (if I do say so myself) and the denouement was a lunch-box let down.

Also, and this is understandable but still ... even though I thought I'd thoroughly examined my readiness for a pup, I had forgotten the entire life-changing fact of it. Like having a toddler for the first time (and the second ...etc...) I felt like going out on the back deck and having a smoke and I don't smoke!

In the afternoon after she'd already had three walks (!!) I put her firmly in her crate and went downstairs to tackle the last chapter. It arose perfectly - I changed the time and voila! It is done and I am very happy.
Today, I'm going to send it out to a couple of beta readers (the Tartlette has offered) and see what they say.

In the meantime I'm taking the princess for her second walk of the day (it is 8 AM). Ah well - it is only about six more months. And she is VERY good.

It is cold and damp here and my tomatoes are wondering why I took them out of the nice window and put them in the cold cold ground.

But all must grow and spread and make their own way, n'est pa?


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - So glad you found a way to fix your manuscript. Wonderful! And you are so right about having a puppy. They are a 24/7 responsibility. Well, dogs are no matter what their age, but still, pups are something else. Well, Miss Bella is lucky to have you :-).

Johanna Garth said...

It's such a great feeling when you hit on that perfect manuscript fix!

As for puppies, I still have two of the human kind and don't think I'm quite ready for the furry kind. :)

Anonymous said...
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