Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Back from Cuba and Willin'

Willin'? Willin' what? I am willing to take all that was poured into me while I lay, seemingly inert, on the beach.- ruminate on it and see what emerges. I have lots of ideas. Of course, I also have lots of projects - Bright Angel paramount among them. But I have a poetry project I want to undertake. It will be a series of poems inspired by two trips to what the Cubans call The Museum of the Revolution and what I call The Sad Palace of the Revolution. I wrote a poem about it eleven years ago and now a second one has emerged but I think there is a series - a complex of them that respond to different aspects of the building (which used to be Batista's stately abode) and the exhibits of the revolution that occurred in the late fifties.

I am also inspired by my short foray into snorkeling (the absolutely worst word!) and the two worlds I saw there. In fact, these might also be part of a larger two world series about Cuba. Cuba is such a puzzle, an enigma, that my mind will not rest when I am there - turning over the bits of truth that I see, the mythologies, and the lies - trying to discern which is which.

And of course, there is the wondrous A to Zed Challenge coming up in a few short days - and I haven't chosen a theme. I will though! It'll be my third and I love the charge up the hill of imagination that it inspires! The first year I did a sort of lexicon of writerly traits. Last year I flung my finger in the dictionary for each letter and wrote short stories inspired by those words. This year? Who knows.

Now I'm going to go fry up some smelts - oh I love the spring smelts!!! Then it is off to a play rehearsal. Oh yeah, baby, I'm directing a play that goes up on Mothers Day weekend. Lots of time for projects ...

And how are all your projects coming along?

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Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - Oh, I'm so glad you're safely back, and that you had a chance to re-energise yourself. Now that you are brim-full of creativity again, I'll bet your work will just tick along. And I'm looking forward to your A to Zed posts. Good to see you back :-)