Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free falling through another Saturday

Well it's been nearly a month since we moved into our temporary retreat. It is quite interesting to have one's routine so thoroughly changed. It is Saturday and my fella has gone into town to do some work for someone. He didn't work most of the week because he was down with the dreaded lurgy (a cold) and then we was feeling a bit better it was raining. So it goes. I'm happy to have a day to myself. I'm not taking the step-dot to the market. My back is really bad and I need not to drive for one day. I will pick her up tomorrow morning and we'll go to Word on the Street - a Canadian celebration of books and authors and all things literary that happens in about six or seven Canadian cities. I love it. For those who've followed me for a few years you might know that I took part in the Pitch the Publisher for the last two years. The first year I pitched my mystery The Rock Walker and won for best pitch. No one wanted the manuscript though because it was a mystery. Last year I pitched True and didn't win but I know I did really well ... still no takers. I'm not pitching this year. Not to gripe but the publishers are but a few so I won't get a different response I don't think. I'm just going to go and listen to various authors read from their new books. I'm particularly interested in Marina Endicott who just published a book called The Little Shadows that sounds absolutely fascinating. Later on I want to hear one of my favourite authors - Donna Morrissey read from her new book - The Deception of Livvy Higgs. I might go watch the pitches if I'm up to the agony! It will be fun just to hang out on the waterfront with the girl and eat terribly wonderful food like Beaver Tails (nah ... it is just pastry - fried!)
Today I want to putter here at home and get some stuff done. The thing is that this place is kind of grubby. It is hard to make it nice when we're thinking we are here for such a short time - another month though. I want to give it a good going over today - after all it is only three rooms - should be a walk in the park after our other house. Not true though. Because we have all sorts of stuff in it with no place to put it. All my fella's tools are right in the great room and we have an odd closet and well ... gripe gripe.
I also got a pile of books from the library about starting some sort of intelligent exercise program for my back. I got books on the back and on Pilate's and yoga - both of which I've done over the years. I need to build up my core strength. I just made myself sit properly realizing I was on an angle and had one leg over another - baddy baddy! There that is better.
At some point I'm going to toast some baguette that the fella made for a dinner party we are going to tonight. I made Pomodori al Forno - (here is the link from Bon Appetit) which is fresh good tomatoes (supposed to be plum but I took what I could get) roasted for about two and a half hours and then mixed with some garlic and parsley. I'll take that, the toasted rounds of baguette and a bowl of soft goat cheese for the appetizer. OH MY HEAVENS IT IS GOOD! I made it several days ago as I had everything ready to go. It is all just awaiting. I made it last week for a 'do' that I went to so I know it's good.
I'm also going to work a bit on The Surface Dwellers and I think it has been a month since I looked at Bright Angel. So ... I will have a sit down read of that. Yay! I cannot wait, to tell you the truth. I also need to write my essay on the direction I'm taking with my poetry for the class. I've started it but it needs a bit of work.
Here is a picture of a wonderful guy I know showing me how to do handstands at his grandmother and mother's birthday party.
So that is my day. How about yours?


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - I love the sheer joy of living that there is in that 'photo! Thanks for sharing it :-). And I know exactly what you mean about settling in as you go through a major change like this move. I think we have a natural wish to create some kind of order in our surroundings.... or maybe that's just me.

Liza said...

I roasted the last of my cherry tomatoes yesterday. Now I know what I'll do with them! YUM!