Thursday, June 28, 2012

tip from top - plant your butt on the chair and write

I had a dream about my daddio this morning. I was in Merigomish where I'd caroused (okay ate too much and drank a bit) with my pals. Maybe my sleep was a bit disturbed - different bed, no snoring fella, you know. He was waiting for me and I was going to catch up with him - talk and so forth but there was that darn sale where you buy some face cream for a gazillion dollars and they give you a beautiful little bag with a tiny lipstick it. You feel like you've really done well. Ha! So, I don't wear makeup hardly or put cream on my face and there was my dear dear Daddio but I just thought ...well, this is obviously a deal, so I'd better do it. Best not let him see what I'm doing though as he'll be annoyed (spending money! on make-up!) Trouble is the gay guy at the counter would only give me my bag once I'd done this little survey and told him what sort of person I was. He'd ask me goofy questions such as - 'when you are throwing a party do you serve bits & bites or caviar? Like that. Darn. Then I woke up and I hadn't talked to my dad.
So today my tip from the top is from him and it is an oldy so you who read know what he is going to say.

"Put your butt in that chair and write!"
That's it. Think I'll do it. Only two thousand left to do by Sunday. Yep - by Sunday I'll have 50 thousand words on my new novel. Kick-ass wha!!!?

See you around the writers' water cooler where we'll discuss many things.


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - Thank you. I needed that kick in the pants. Your daddio was right. And you're doing such an amazing job with your own project - that's wonderful!!

Liza said...

Well, I got the "butt in the chair" part down pretty well...

Arlee Bird said...

For my own purposes I'll revise this to "Put your butt in that chair and write what you need to be writing!". Oh, I write alright--I write anything that keeps me from finishing the writing I keep meaning to finish.

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