Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesdays on Writing

Today was not a normal Tuesday. Gwen is back from Africa and I'm sure full of stories but I wasn't here to do our usual gig. My sister Jude arrived on Sunday and we decided on Monday to take advantage of the amazingly swell weather and head down the South Shore. We wandered our way down, stopping in Hubbards and Chester and Mahone Bay, finally arriving in Lunenburg. Lots of places were closed, it being a Monday in the tail-end of winter, but we didn't care. We puttered along taking in the gorgeous views and talking our heads off.
We stayed at an Inn in Lunenburg, went out for an early dinner and back to our room to watch tv of all things, play scrabble, drink wine and chat. This morning we got up and went wandering around town before heading towards Blue Rocks.
Blue Rocks is a small fishing community tipped on the edge of the sea - it is a wondrous spot and Jude and I have gone there before. We took some photos...which I will share with you all, and then got back in the car and went off to the wool shop in Mahone Bay. We had a ball there (heh heh) and then went to Chester for lunch and a walk-about. Then we zoomed home. The guy made a great curry, we had lots of spare kids, and a good chat. Then I remembered it was Tuesday and I OWED a post!

So, today's post on writing is about how I didn't write, didn't think about writing, didn't get together with anyone to write and all in all - not a post about writing at all.
Isn't this a swell picture of Blue Rocks though?


Liza said...

I loved this post! I loved your description of your visit with your sister, the rocks, Scrabble and even the yarn shop (and I don't knit!). Some days, "not" writing can have it's own blessings!

Bob Stark said...

Great yarn. Hope Jude's visit leaves you both in stitches.
Wish I could join ya!

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Lisa - thanks for those words!
Bob - your ears must have been ringing - Jude and I were talking about you as we roamed around Lunenburg - remember lunch at Magnolia's?