Friday, March 30, 2012

A to Z Challenge

Sunday is a large day for me. It is April 1st - sure - and I always love a day devoted to Fools - but it is also the twentieth anniversary of my mum's death. That seems so long ago but just yesterday. I particularly would like her in my life right now as I'm going through something she would be very helpful with (or so I imagine - it is easy to assign attributes to the dead). Twenty years ago I was a psychotherapist, a playwright, a friend, a mother - but I wasn't a mother-in-law, a grandmother, a partner to a great guy, or an aspiring novelist. I wrote poems and lots of them. I'm just looking at a journal I kept when I was away at Buddhist Summer Camp (nah, it isn't called that - it was called Vajrayana Seminary) in the mountains of Colorado. It isn't to 'eunhhhh' but a bit precious. How can we love those old selves? I want to but it is difficult.

The other thing that happens on April 1st is the kick-off for the A-Z Challenge! I'll be blogging every day except Sundays (only the first Sunday is a blogging day) and I want to pick my theme. It is impossible for me to do this if I don't have a theme - last year it was attributes of writing - I called it the abcedaria of a writer. ( A is for attitude, B is for bum in seat etc...)  I don't want to repeat myself AND I don't want to go off on a theme unrelated to the writing life - which this blog is dedicated to. I want it to be short, fresh, inspirational and witty. Too much to ask you say?
Also, and this is a big also, I will be away for ten or so days of the 27 - gone to Florida with my pals for some deeply needed R&R (rum and romance - nah! reading and reclining on the beach) That means I'll be doing up a set of my writing early - so I do need to think of a theme.
How about you all? Are you getting ready - do join in if you have the slightest desire - it is heaps of fun and a great way to get in the habit of posting daily. The gang is so friendly and supportive and people will drop by for a mimosa that you've never met before. Just click the A-Z badge to the left of this post to join up or to find the list of participants and take a few twirls around.
I think I've got it! Why do I write? Well, because I read. From the very first time I made sense of print on the page I've been hooked. Why wouldn't I want to write - it makes me so happy that others do? I will do an abcedaria of writers that have influenced me. Yes, I shall!


Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Good luck with the a-z challenge! I am already half way through one of my own or else I'd join you!

fredamans said...

Sending (((BIG HUGS))) for April 1st. I know how hard it is... today is my dad's birthday and he died almost 5 years ago. It's doesn't get easier, just bearable. I feel for you.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

Hugs to you on the 1st...that's got to be a tough anniversary.

Good luck with the challenge!

When I look at my old journals from my teen years, I just can't stop wincing...

Kittie Howard said...

I'm also sending big hugs, Jan. Mother's Day is always tough for me. Even tho the day floats, Mom died on Mother's Day. *sighs* When I need that guidance, I sit very still and listen to the silence until I hear long-ago words. Anyway, completed the A-Z posts today. We're going to Louisiana the end of the month. I didn't enter last year so even one post is a step up, LOL. Good luck to you, Jan.