Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today freezing rain shapes my day...

I lay in bed this morning all cozy and snuggled into my one. I knew it was morning for my internal clock is precise. I couldn't tell from the light - it wasn't present. I could hear the wind and the rain. Rain. Rain on snow. I thought about my day - off to see Arlo at noon and then a couple of clients in the afternoon. Ah well, we'd see.

I asked Ron if he was working this weekend - I knew he'd just started a small job and he might have wished to just keep going til it was done as there were so more on the horizon. He didn't know. Why did I want to know, he asked.  I am thinking of doing a marathon writing session on the weekend. Hunker down and do some changes to the beginning of The Rock Walker. I'm entering it in a contest and need to have the first 3 thousand words just the way I want them. Thanks to feed-back and some mulling I've been doing I had a plan. It involved starting the story at a different place, getting rid of the prologue. It's like moving a bathroom in your not quite finished house. One change requiring great movement through the whole structure. I have to really think how it is going to work. I have the plot the way I want it - that's a good thing - but how it is revealed needs some work. I think about 15 hours of work. I don't know why I am so precise about that but I am. I tried writing a different number thinking to myself - well you just made that up - but no - 15 hours.
Now I'm up and have checked out the day more fully. Yep, rain on snow making ice. Cars in the ditch, one in a lake, accidents and mayhem. Hmmmm...I have called both clients now and left the message that we will need to rebook. Can't call Arlo yet, too early. He's getting over a bad cold and I didn't see him last week because of it so...

A day - a day!!!!
Here's the plan:

The Rock Walker - four hours of work on this. Leaving only eleven for the weekend - totally do-able . Ready to be sent off to contest on Groundhog Day - two days ahead of schedule.
one hour on synopsis - with probably four more needed. Less sure of this time allottment but I have time to find out.

Crit at The Burrow - this would be me reading a fellow Burrower's work - think I could spend 1 1/2 hours because I've already begun it.

Rumi post - time to have another post at Rumi blog Dreaming With Rumi. probably an hour all told.

Anytime left over - I'll dedicate to cleaning my office which is still a bit of a mess from the move. It is a split mess though- desk and bed and that side of room - pristine - floor and bookcase on other side of room - urggh. Or maybe walk the dog in the sleet...

First two pictures are of our driveway, third - view out my office window  and of course the last is of the meltingly handsome Hoagy. He doesn't want to walk until it stops weathering out. He told me that with his eyes.
What would you do with a spare day??


Anonymous said...

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Words A Day said...

Meltingly handsome he is!
A spare day?
I'd go to bed with my notebooks and an ambitious writing plan, and probabley fall asleep! (have a rotten kidney infection as an excuse!:)

RosieC said...

Great plan, Jan! I hope you get to do everything that you want.

Today ended up being an accidentally free day for me, but the only things I've gotten done have been blogging-related. Then again, it's good to catch up.

I hope you guys stay safe and warm out there as all that drudgery rolls through! And I don't blame Hoagy one bit for not wanting to go out in it!

Jan Morrison said...

Anonymous - how come I believe you didn't read this? Because your comment is so...vague and has nothing to do with anything? Shall I delete you...I think I shall but I'll leave it for a bit just in case you come back with something.

Niamh - arggh! I would be cozied up in bed. I haven't gotten nearly what I thought I would done but I did get some other things done that I didn't plan on so ...

Rosie - Felix, our student, took the lovely beast out. It wasn't too bad. And Ron scraped some of the ice off the driveway and stayed in my office tinkering away at this and that. Got part of what I wanted done..
we're safe and warm with Ron making a lovely Italian soup...oh right...minestrone! and maybe tonight I'll watch some old video and work on step-dot's fingerless gloves...