Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Teacher Snow, Sensei Sun

I admit it - I don't like to - every cell in my body resists the truth - but the truth remains. The snow is beautiful. The light this morning bounces off those crystalline forms in a wild and crazy dance. The trees wear silver cloaks and blue shadows fall in oblong disorder. The red Buddha who lives in my garden is up to his eyebrows and Sheilagh wears a halo on her halo of human is all so pleasing.
In the beauty is loss too - I miss our birds - all gone from their precious avian life to another realm. They did like the snow especially if I gave them a nice breakfast of hot oatmeal with bacon grease and leftover greens and fruit - yummy! But no - they are not eating - they are being eaten. And that, dear readers, is that.
 The seasons come and go, we come and go, like the women in t.s. eliott's poem talking of Michelangelo.
Life runs on apace or perhaps it isn't life that does so but we do so. We hurry off to our work, to our play, to our distractions, to our lives. What's the rush? Where do we think we're going? We just want to get to the next part - maybe that is the time when our life will really begin - when we will accomplish, succeed, triumph, love. But we don't get there. We stay right here in this moment - no matter how hard we try to get into the future it eludes us. No matter - we must be seen to be trying all the same.

Today the snow reminds me to do what I'm doing while I'm doing it. When I talk to Ron I will look into his dear face and remember that we are here together right now. How precious is that? When I drive into town I will make sure I notice the beauty on the way. When I see clients I will stay with their process instead of driving my own. I will slow down and breath them all the way in and all the way out.
I might go for a swim today - I have a bit of time this afternoon and my body would like that. It would like to stretch and move supported by the water and it would love to let its long muscles relax in the heat of the sauna. While I'm there I'll remember to swim while I'm swimming and sit in the sauna while I'm sitting in the sauna. I will do the thing we humans have such a very hard time with - being fully awake where we are in the time we are.
Right now - I'm going to out and take a few pictures for you all. A few photos of Teacher Snow, of Sensei Sun.

Odds & Sods
Please check out the newest brain-child of Elizabeth Spann Craig - Writer's Knowledge Database by clicking the button in the right hand column or the one I've embedded into the title. It is an amazing feat from a stellar thinker. Elizabeth is so genuinely generous with her discoveries - I think she is a wonder!

I've already started using it to check out how to do a shiny new synopsis for The Rock Walker. I'm shaking up my manuscript thanks to all the help I got. I have pulled the beginning apart and will put it back together in a new and hopefully knock your socks off way.

Carol Kilgore from Under the Tiki Hut gave me a wonderful award!  It is the Aussie's Fair Dinkum Award for being ...hmmm...I don't know...fair dinkum? You know - a straight-ahead-speaks-her-mind chum is how I choose to think of it. Thanks Carol! I'm offering it up for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who comments here. Grab it! It is yours. I think the blogging crowd is full of us fair dinkum types and I rejoice in that!


Talli Roland said...

What wonderful photos and sentiments. The snow is beautiful, and I love your positivity!

Wine and Words said...

Howdy Jan!

Reading this...well, I'd like to introduce you to Christopher

I love him. I think you will too. People tell me I hurry up, just to wait. It's true. I am impatient and always in a rush, even when there is no need. It's like a habit. I MUST find a way to relax. That said, it was quite relaxing here! The beautiful images, word flow. Nice to meet you Jan! Glad you stopped by.

N. R. Williams said...

Beautiful post. I've got the award already so I'll pass.

Thank you for your comment on Clarissa's blog about my post.
N. R. Williams, fantasy author

Words A Day said...

Wise words... living in this moment, a richer appreciation and's a great message. and an essential one.
Beautiful photos, esp the red berry against the snow.
Thanks Jan

Clarissa Draper said...

Snow is lovely. I forget sometimes because I don't see snow often.

Carol Kilgore said...

Why is it so difficult to fully grasp and enjoy the moment we're in? I have the same problem. I love your snow pictures. I love to watch snow falling and see fresh snow on the ground. Not so wild about it days and weeks later.

Hart Johnson said...

The snow IS beautiful, isn't it. I walk to work reading and so my black gloves are right where I can see them and I've had several mornings where the very light snowfall lands PERFECT snowflakes on those gloves--six-pointed with a delicate little hole in the middle.

Very good reminder to stay PRESENT.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

We don't have snow. But I was thinking the same thing this morning, when my son wanted to show me how the sunlight was filtering through the trees, and I was trying to hurry him up because I had seen the school bus turn the corner.
Luckily, I caught myself in time, and realised that 30 seconds spent admiring what he was showing me was worth making the bus wait 15 seconds.

Thank you, Wise Woman. From my heart, thank you.