Sunday, September 5, 2010

Haikus for Mom

Not superstitious
salt thrown over her shoulder
let me see your hand.

looking for mother
autumn brings orange and red
her smile surprises me.

ninety-four years old
wrinkling her nose in distaste
-rather fly away.

I dreamed of my mom
she wanders into cow fields
- alone I sip tea.

Winter is coming
the squirrels store grain in nests
- we read catalogues.

High in mountain camps
we waited outside bath houses
- rushing water giggled.

The boys playing tricks
made their ghosts with sticks and crates
- laughing, she told us.

our mother died in 1992 - today would've been her 94th birthday...I hope you can get a sense of her with these haiku. I think she would've laughed to read them.

**If any of you have come back to find some changes it is because I realized I made a few mistakes - superstitious not suspicious and it was the boys not the girls playing tricks - this led to new workings. Haiku is a fun form. I encourage you to try it.


Summer Ross said...

AWW I love these about your mom! what a wonderful thing to do to express who she was.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

What a lovely homage, and, yes, I do get a very clear sense of her. My favorite might be reading the catalogues, because I feel the hope and warmth and closeness of doing that with winter coming. But I also like the spunky woman she is some of the others. Such a pleasure to read.

Mason Canyon said...

She sounds like a lovely lady and I love the photos. A very nice tribute to her in these haikus.

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Clarissa Draper said...

She probably would have laughed; they are great.


Margot Kinberg said...

Jan - Thanks so much for posting these. They are beautiful, and they really do give a sense of who she was. I very much enjoyed them : ).

Helen Ginger said...

She sounds beautiful, fun, and loving.

Thanks for sharing.

Jemi Fraser said...

Your haiku made me smile - I'm sure she must be feeling the same :) Lovely!

RaShelle said...

Love the photos and the haiku. Thanks for sharing them. Classy. Fun.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

She's not your mom, from what I read, you are her daughter!!!

What a lovely tribute by a lovely lady to another equally lovely lady.

And has anyone told you that you mom reminds me of the Queen Mother, when she (QM, not your mom) was much younger?

Talli Roland said...

What gorgeous snapshots, Jan. I do get a sense of your mum. She sounds brilliant.

Jude said...

Thanks, Jan. Beautiful.

Ann said...

Beautiful photos of your Mom, Jan and such a lovely tribute. What a fine lady.

Carol Kilgore said...

Jan, these are lovely. I DO see your mom. My mother died young. You were lucky to have yours for a long time.

Jan Morrison said...

Thank you all especially Jude (my sister!). I must admit I like what happens when strong memories meet a rigorous structure!
And Natasha, never heard the comparison to the Queen Mother but to the Queen...but then we Canadians always think our moms look like the Queen. It's in our Shredded Wheat...

Daisy said...

These are really lovely, Jan. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, Daisy @ Sunny Room Studio

Anonymous said...

I lost my mother in April, 2005. If she was still alive she would be 90. I loved reading your haikus about her and am now inspired to write a couple about my Mom.

Jen said...

This is a special thing to do for your mother, you and us. I feel very special and honored to have read it!!!

Happy Birthday to your wonderful mother, she must have been very special!

Liza said...

Your haikus are a wonderful way to honor your mom. I never thought of writing one for my mom (gone since 1994) or my dad (who left us in 2003.) These short verses could really do it right. Thanks.