Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday and Writing

It is Sunday here at the ranch and I'm not writing. Ron aka Sweet Patootie is going to town in a bit for some errands and perhaps I'll write then. I'm not being called to do anything else  - the weather is rainy, the dog is still tired from his jail break on Friday. Our dear hen, Crow, died last night and we're feeling a bit blue (for pics of Crow in her hay day check out my other blog).

We went to visit our friend Annie to pick out a painting for Ron's sister. Annie has been using a technique fairly new to her called encaustic - it is painting with wax and pigment and is quite lovely. She has been obsessed with eggs for the last few years - we have two lovely paintings by her. It is fun to have artist pals - the conversations stimulate approaches and ideas for me in writing. I love the layers of Annie's work - the care that goes into creating the rich patinas. How they are of a simple subject but how nuanced she can be with subject.

I think I'll get to my revision now. Hope all of you are having the weekends you desire...

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