Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Challenge!

This is the bee house at Ian's farm in Brook Valley, Ontario
Oh, you probably thought I forgot. But I didn't. The challenge for this week is very small, a 'one muffin' challenge you might call it. Have I got my fingers crossed behind my back? Don't be silly - that would mean I wouldn't be able to type this.
Your challenge is to find a neglected corner of the public world and tidy it up. It could be a messy corner of the park where you take your kids or the front steps of the library or the closest bus stop to your work. Pretend it is a corner of your home and make it as nice as you can. Take a picture of it if possible. I'm sure you'll think of something nice to do with that poor old piece of mother earth that everyone walks by pretending it isn't their concern. In fact, you could consider a whole path to be your songline and you need to wake it up by NOTICING it. Did I say this was a one muffin challenge? That is so wrong of me - I must have been thinking of a different challenge all together. This is really hard and really wonderful. It would be best if you could tell someone else what you are doing. Especially a stranger or two and even better if they are kids. OK - let's try and do this by next Friday. If you haven't done the graveyard one it is entirely OK to combine them. And yes, taking a bag with you and picking up garbage in the area you usually walk is exactly right. So is hanging a little mirror with flowers around it on the nearest telephone booth. Or making a very decorative sign that says 'Please don't idle your engines..." and get the corner store to let you post it on their outside wall. Maybe you could plant a tree somewhere...this could be big. Let's see what happens.


Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Lovely challenge. My friend and I walked around a lake awhile back with garbage bags, picking up the trash people left. Someone tried to give us their soda cans and we explained we weren't doing it to earn extra cash, we were cleaning up garbage. Many people stared--they just aren't used to seeing citizens doing voluntary clean-up. One fisherman thanked us profusely, so that was nice.

Jemi Fraser said...

Great idea! I'll look for a place on my walk tomorrow. Very nice :)

Faith Pray said...

Hooray for Friday challenges! I got so much out of the graveyard challenge that I'm posting about it on my blog next week.
I'm so glad we have you to spur us on!

Talli Roland said...

Great challenge! Shouldn't be too hard to do in my 'hood!

Jan Morrison said...

Tricia - wonderful! They aren't looking at you weirdly - it's guilt! And good for the fisherman.
Jemi - look forward to hearing - I have to figure out my spot too - I think maybe the front of the local convenience store out here in the country - a no idle sign and a spark up.
Faith - oh goody! I can't wait to read it.
Talli - where is your hood? London, but where? And thanks for the award!

Jen said...

This sounds great! Great challenge! Just stopped by your blog thanks to Talli!

Beautiful picture!

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks for dropping by Jen - always room for new folks.
And thank you for your comment on the photo - I like it - I love that place - it was a big deal when I was a young woman and when I met my partner we found out he'd been there too! Very weird and wonderful. They don't use it for bee stuff anymore but still do for parties!

Anonymous said...

Do you think it's too soon for my poke-stick? For years I've wanted to develop and introduce a garbage-jabbing poke-stick that would be sold in a set with a sling-style messenger bag into which you'd deposit the garbage you poked. Just for the retail market and other wacky people like me! Like you all for instance!
My third eldest child and I used to take plastic bags with us on our walk to school each day and de-litter as we went. And that's when I decided I'd like to market a poker and bag that could be distributed to the willing masses, either retail or through local ecology action groups. I'd do it! I'd poke garbage while I walked. It'd be easier than passing it by and muttering under my breath. I'm sure that gives me just as odd and crazed and unapproachable a look in the eyes of others.

Jan Morrison said...

hey anon - I like it. That's what I did for my challenge only I didn't use a stick - just my regular old hands. I picked up a whole bag of garbage on our trail - most of it on the road leading up to the trail. Brightened it up a bit and as you say better to do something than grumble over those that don't.