Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm dreadfully guilty over this dolly - whose name I cannot even think of uttering on these pages. She's ill, OK? And no, I haven't knit her a sweater or made her a skirt or found her a wig. I don't repair dollies or
clothe them for the most part but I hereby promise to make her a sweater and a little hat. At least a hat! Guilt dolly. Very Dickension don't you think - the ghost of Christmas get your act together, wha?


Stacy Post said...

What an interesting collection, Jan! You have quite a variety. I've enjoyed your photos. A very merry to you! Thanks for dropping by my blog today!

grrl + dog said...

Maybe we all have guilt dollies.. I love the idea anyway. If she has lasted this long, then she is meant to be just how she is.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi Stacy - I drop by your blog EVERY day. It is a piece of sunshine for me.

Denise - yes, the guilt dollies - I think I could do an actual installation of guilt dollies. I can see it now. It would be a reminder that we all ignore the humans that we are ALL responsible for, no?