Friday, December 18, 2009

hmm...packing them in. the first photo is of Little Lulu - I got her in 92 in Colorado. I was at RMDC as it was called them - Rocky Mountain Dharma Centre. Boot camp for Buddhists. I was there for three months, sitting meditation, studying the dharma and having a wild - sometimes lonely - sometimes crazy time on the side of a mountain with people from all over. Camping! Yep, I lived in a tent for three months. Cold - man it was cold.

oddly this picture also includes many dolls from days in Colorado but much earlier. I lived in Colorado Springs from 10 to 13. Dorothy is the blonde in red gingham, Meg, the toddler with a hoodie on, behind her Joy sits with a bow in her rubber hair. The other ones in the photo are a bit newer but not much. Peg (the clothespin dolly) and Gayla (the nude) and Lucia Albergehti (the one with the great hat) arrived in my teen years I think. No, Gayla was later.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I used to love reading Little Lulu comics when I was a kid!


Jude said...

3 naked babies in this picture alone! Your knitting passion should be able to help, I'm thinking.
Get on to her, woman!
By the way, hope your birthday is full of fun and good cheer and chocolate (just for this one day)!
Sending you enormous, warm and fuzzy hugs across the nation. Catch them.

Elizabeth Bradley said...

Their all terrific but I'm loving the one in the hoodie best of all. Have a Merry Christmas!

Jan Morrison said...

Thanks two Elizabeths and dear sister Jude!!
But Jude - I cannot possibly knit that little. Not a chance. Perhaps I could crochet though?! Not in the next few days.
The family came today because we are getting a big ole storm tomorrow. It was fun - always hectic with three kids running amok but fun. Tomorrow perhaps I'll get some baking done and Monday we're going to Kerol and Manla's for dinner. yay.

Anonymous said...

you have kept all your dolls since childhood?

That is amazing.
Nothing can replace the patina of age...