Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have two minutes to write something before I charge off to my day. I wanted to ask you, dear readers, if you are prone to noticing good omens when it comes to your creative output? For instance, I realized that the publisher, that I sent The Rock Walker to, has a name that consists of my favorite childhood doll's name and my best friend's last name! That seems so good to me. Will it if I get a rejection? Serendipity occurs often in my writing - without much effort on my part. When Malcolm and I wrote Death, the Musical - I insisted that the bartender in the After-Life Bar & Grill be named Beulah (my mother's middle name). The ALBG is of course the holding bar to Heaven or Hell. I found out later that the land right outside of the pearly gates is Beaulah Land. So!

And of course rainbows are always good luck! My two pals and buisness partners and I saw so many on this last trip. I include them in this posting.
What is good luck for you - not the "oh you're so lucky" variety but more omens and portents? And isn't serendipity the nicest word!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

What remarkably fun photos! I often write a piece, and upon reading it over find hidden connections and symbolism there that I didn't intentionally add. Is that my subconscious mind at work, or some help from above, where the rainbows come from?

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I am a HUGE believer in destiny, and my life is full of serendipitious happenings.
And yes, serendipity is just a wonderful word.