Saturday, October 31, 2009


oh my favorite time of the year! We've had six kids! Oh well...

The funnest thing was that my grand-daughter, Hannah, wanted to be a clown for Halloween and as I'm a clown I offered to help her with her costume. And dear readers - I created it! I took two different pieces of adult clothing - a top that I cleverly added some plastic hosing to and a long silk pleated skirt that I made into pantaloons and voila! A clown was born. My clown name is La Banan - my grandkids call me Grannie Jannie Bananie - and now there is a Hannah Bannah! I am not a sewing type person. Yes, for those of you who pay attention, I do make dolls from time to time and try my hand at other things but really - no. My grade seven Home Ec. (eccchhh!) teacher asked me if I needed glasses. My sister, dear Jude, is a wonderful seamstress - she made my wedding dress. But for me it is all inspiration and no follow-through! But I did it and my little clown was delighted. Then I came home and donned my witch costume and greeted six!!! little goblins. My SP's sister is here and we're all going to eat a yummy meal he made and then I'll change into my jeans and take the dog for a moonlit spooky walk. Later my pals.


Elspeth Antonelli said...

I AM a sewing person and I applaud your ingenuity! Well, well done.


Elizabeth Bradley said...

Great costume, and what a darling clown she makes. Six kids? That's how it was in my old neighborhood, it's not dark here yet and I'm expecting tons of kids. We'll see if the candy holds out. Happy Halloween.

Jude said...

Hannah looks great and so does the costume! Love the night sky in the first pic - what colour!!! Also love your friendly witch costume and your unpretentious witch hat. I won a prize for the best scary food item at the party last night - The Flayed Skin Cheese Ball. It was so gross looking that no one wanted to eat it! (gotta love the internet for ideas and jumping off points)

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Your site always has such great photos. It's a pleasure to come here, just for the eye candy.

Speaking of candy, we had zero trick-or-treaters last night. We live in a new development rather remote, and no where near filled, so, no kids came by. Upside? A bag of candy to share with my wife. Won't hurt her. Me, uh, could be a problem.

Best Regards, Galen.

Jan Morrison said...

Hi ya all! We ended up having 18 kids - down at the more inhabited end of the street there were reports of 80 - so. It is dark and spooky down here - just right for Halloween but bad for kids who want minimum walking with maximum candy!
Thanks all of you for your comments on the costume! I am proud as punch. And thanks for liking the pics - the first one is a morning shot from our deck - I led you astray on that. It is the great eastern sun arising! I took a bunch which I'll share as we go.
And Galen - I can't eat the leftover candy. How scary is that???!!!