Saturday, September 19, 2009

A New Day

Today I begin my new special diet given to me by the doc - a very enlightened doc to be sure, an ear, nose and throat specialist and an allergist who owns a winery with his wife. I like his approach as it is more holistic than western medical but man this diet SUCKS. I will do it though because so does having asthma, sinus headaches and itchy everything. It is what I'd call a cave woman diet - all green vegetables and meat. In my case, it will be a lot of fish and eggs and greens. No bananas, no grapes, no peanuts or peanut butter, no mushrooms, no g&t's, no coffee, no chocolate, no bread, nothing yeasted or wheat or cheese or beer. Really no no no and more no. How long? FOUR expletive MONTHS! Yep, through Thanksgiving, two murder mysteries and the winter holiday as it is now known. Luckily, I do like an extreme measure so I will keep you abreast of how it goes though hopefully not go on and on about it. I promise heretofore not to complain past this entry. For I will be svelte and have the energy of a fourteen year old - watch out SP!

And I will not sneeze constantly. I will be feeling GOOOOD - except for the detoxing part where I will feel like I've got the farmyard flu but hey - better out than in, no?

For breakfast I had two scrambled eggs and a nectarine. Yay!

later, I'm off to walk the beasty boy.

The photo is 'rememberance of meals gone by' - one of the great put togethers we did at Mo-Fest.

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