Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello All Readers and commentors!!

Just to tell you that I found a cache of comments that the blog site has been hiding from me! How weird is that. I was supposed to moderate them but I have no idea why. I published them all and have been having fun reading them. Seems very random! My dear pal Arlo told me he had FOR sure posted so I went on the hunt. I want to particularly thank Miss Molly from somewhere and Mary from Washington who posted and I didn't respond as they were hidden - thank you both very much for your comments. Also, the site mysteriosoily hid the comments on the blog I wrote about my (former!!!) W.I.P. (work in progress)- I was wondering because I kinda liked that post but hey! Maybe my WIP has a deal going with the computer - who knows.
I've walked the dog, I had a yummy lunch of cauliflower and tuna and now I'm going to sweep my bedroom. Wahoo! Oh and try and turn off Random Moderator Biyatch.


Mary Helen said...

beautiful, I am still a fan, started my own blogging...may share someday, for now just a cheap thrill for a girl in Idaho

Mary Helen said...

by the way...I signed my last note as Molly...since we fellow eccentrics

Jan said...

Hi Mary! Good to hear from you. Yep - share that blogging!