Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I did it!!! I finished for the most part at 2:30 this morning. I had to stop because I had to switch between computers to find ancient samples and then this computer wouldn't let me log in again so I needed SP to help.
Now I'm off to work and to deliver this document. At one o'clock in the morning after killing a small forest I read that I had to write an intention of my committment to sustainability. I have no words on this. But of course I did last night.
later my faithful readers.


Watery Tart said...

Congrats on being almost done (maybe by now it IS done)... though you've been a little cryptic as to what this IS... is it a manuscript or some other variety of project?

Anyway--WELL DONE!

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Wow, I sympathise! When I ran a theatre company I was the lucky soul responsible for filling out the government grant applications. Grrrr. SO glad that's done.


Jan said...

Hi Watery
tart and Elspeth, WT - what I was working on is called an application for a standing offer. That means that if someone in the govt. is looking for someone to write a brochure or guide book or so on, they have a bunch of writers who've prepared all this gahooey that basically says - yah, I'm good, this is what I charge and I won't go changing on ya. Trouble is that they need a big time plain language edit because the stuff is very hard to penetrate - byzantine you might say - Hogwarts if the bad guys took over.
Elspeth - I am the FORMER queen of grant applications but no more. I don't like the ever widening hoops. I want to write books and grow peaches and find Buddha on my own! I'm so tired I couldn't spit! I'm going to go lie down while my SP makes me a stew I can eat! Yay - thickened with spelt flour. yummy!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I seem to have become the defacto official grant writer for my organisation, and I rather like it as of now. But six months later, I wonder if I am still going to say that!

Congratulations, all the same. And you will find Buddha on your own. Or rather, he'll find you. Isn't that how it often happens?

Jan said...

Hi Rayna - my peach and buddha reference is from this John Prine song...

Blow Up Your TV (Prine)

She was a levelheaded dancer on the road to alcohol,
I was just a soldier on my way to Montreal.
Well, she pressed her chest against me about the time the jukebox broke.
She gave me a peck on the back of the neck, and these are the words she spoke.

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a home.
Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches, try and find Jesus on your own.

I sat there at the table, and I acted real naïve.
Cause I knew that topless lady, she had something up her sleeve.
She danced around the room awhile and she did the hoochy coo.
Yeah, singing a song all night long, telling me what to do.

Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a home.
Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches, try and find Jesus on your own.

Well, I was young and hungry, and about to leave that place.
Just as I was going. she looked me in the face.
I said "You must know the answer," she said "No, but I'll give it a try."
To this day we've been living our way, here is the reason why.

We blew up your TV, threw away your paper, went to the country, build us a home.
Had a lot of children, fed ‘em on peaches, they all found Jesus on their own.