Sunday, September 6, 2009

the contemplative practice of letter writing

a challenge dear readers! I was inspired at Annie's the other night to consider the fine art of letter (or note or even postcard) writing. If you recall, Annie's sister Kathryn had an elderly pal who when asked how he reached the remarkable age of 103 replied that he wrote a note a day AND mailed it.
I've begun the practice only to be stopped because I can't find any stamps. I will though, I will. I have one ready and one needing an address. I am trying not to write that the receipient can find out what I'm up to on my blog or they can email me back. I'm pretending that this is the only way in which we could communicate.

Annie gave me a fabulous site to visit on the art of letter writing by Lewis Carroll.


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

You've done a blog makeover! It looks good.

I've always loved writing letters, but hardly ever do it anymore---everyone emails. And email isn't forever unless it's printed or saved somewhere.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Jan said...

Thanks Elizabeth - I was getting weary of the old one. Plus it is a snap to do so why not?

Rayna M. said...

Love your new look blog. Not that I did not like the previous one, but I like this more. Change is the only constant, isn't it?

And I very religiously used to write at least one letter a week till about 5 years back. And then my mother got a computer and it has only been e-mails since.

Maybe I should buy a stack of postcards and write one out every week.

Jan said...

Hi Rayna - yes, it is imperative to have "stuff" for any endeavor. I have these delicious notecards with dragonflies on them that an ex lover gave me years ago. Finally, I will use them and not have them lounging around reminding me of him and notes I haven't written! If you like you could send me your address and I could send you a note!
Then, when we are both famous - you for your Drabble collection and I for my novels - well someone will gather them all up and print them! What fun.