Saturday, August 15, 2009

La Banan

Today on my blog I have a guest writer - her name is La Banan. She is only in town today so I'll leave it to her! But first


Sawyer is my youngest grandson and he turns 5 today! Wow!

now for La Banan...

Hello readers of my friend Jan! I am in town just for today for my annual appearance at the Scotia Day Picnic in Hantsport and Jan just wanted me to tell you a bit about myself. I was born in Zeballos, BC - along with Ethel. She and I found ourselves clowning for the Zeballos Fall Fair for a couple of years and we had a business together called Acme Clown College. Then I moved to Chester with Jan and was a feature of the Chester Parade for many years along with an assortment of young clowns - Katie, Sarah and Jesse's creations - called Hoi Polloi. Sometimes I would go to birthday parties or for various events in around the province. Now, I mostly do Scotia Day with whatever gang I can find. I am going to make an appearance at the market today which is where I'm picking up my troupe! I am looking forward to that and am busy assembling my wardrobe. I don't usually talk this much. I don't usually talk at all really - I'm quite different than that chatterbox Jan! Of course, you can tell by my name that I have Heritage Francais - yes in my heart I am a French girl from Paris! I will wear a feather boa today in honour of that heritage. And I like French Fries and kissing! And fromage! I love zeeee fromage! OK, perhaps I am not fully French but I have leanings. I will get Jan's petite chou chou to take my photo today and we will post it later.

here I am with Jan's grand-daughter Hannah Banana - certainly a clown in training!

Aurevoir wonderful friends of Jan!

A bientot!

La Banan

Sweet Patootie - Eldest Son - Eldest Son's Dad-in-Law

sawyer with his new spy scope!

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