Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am a bit disgruntled. I'm grumpy. I am annoyed. I feel aggrieved. I am pissed off. My feathers are ruffled. I'm cranky. There - that's the word CRANKY! And why dear reader am I cranky?

Yesterday I was very good. My sweet petunia brought up our old kitchen table which I set sideways to my desk. I cleaned all the Rock Walker stuff off because I had to organize my papers - my receipts - my bills - my income etc... I don't wish to discuss this other than to say that I would rather have a long soak in a bug and snake infested swamp on a hot day than do this but I did it. And I made great headway. So I said to my dearest "Dearest, have we enough ready moolah to go out to a movie or listen to some music" and he said, "yes dearest, we do indeed." And then we got into our bother about movies not being quite the ticket and music being not quite what we needed and maybe I should look at the pumpkin plants and do a little weeding and perhaps we should lounge around and eat eggs (we do this a lot). Oh - how about a row? Good idea but then it was getting late and I said "let's go in the morning when we have oodles of time" and he agreed. But this morning - a beautiful clear warm morning - I am completely miserable with stupid allergies. He's gone off by himself which is good and I am CRANKY. Not at anyone - maybe a bit with myself as I could have gone last night. And I have way more paper work to do so I will stop being cranky and get cracking between nose blowing episodes. And I'll take Hoagy for a stroll etc...

The Rock Walker - I have heard some stuff from two readers - my dearest and only sis and my dearest and only sweet petunia. Jude finished the book, printing it out in 20 page installments. She liked it and liked the characters and was very generous with her praise and most importantly told me the plot holes that one could drive a truck through! This is all good and I've been ruminating on ways to do the fixes and think I have it mostly figured. My SP is part way through and he also likes the story but is highly aggravated about lots of details which he is trying to ignore as he knows he is to read for plot not wrong boat info etc... Both of these readers are PERFECT for my needs. What is most interesting is, so far, I don't feel any big ego hits when they tell me I need to change something. They are both good at being diplomatic true, but really I feel quite detached and just want it to be really really good so I'm taking it all in and planning the next stage!

And that dear readers is good news for me.


Canuck Grandma said...

Have a large Sunday! :)


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Sounds like you've got some great manuscript reviewers! It's nice to have some folks who will level with you, but not want you to change the essence of your project.


Liz in PA said...

I like Progress!

........and Oh My, I commiserate with you on clearing a desk. I have two of them and they are always like a noose around my neck!

LABANAN said...

Thanks grandma! I did grumpy or no.

Yes Elizabeth, I am totally blessed with discerning readers - almost too many. It is great to have folks who love to read dive into my stuff.

Liz, I think I like progress though often you wouldn't know it around here. I got through a lot of paperwork in the past couple of days and now it is back to The Rock Walker. Yeah!