Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rant Alert - do not read this if you hate rants! This means you Daddio!

I do not understand quite a few things after reading an article in today's Globe & Mail on page four of the first section.
B.C. top court rejects ski jump bid
Now, I'm not big into the Olympics and I'm not very interested in ski jumping but I'm truly vexed at this whole scene. Note I said vexed. Let's make that angry. I'm not really really sad, devastated, heartbroken or any of the adjectives used in this article. That is because - to my way of thinking about it - being sad is not an appropriate feeling for this situation. Mad, angry, fed-up, completely pissed at the unfairness of it and with all the energy that comes from these feelings is what I am. So some advice to you sad little heaps of womanhood that have been (surprise, surprise) turned down in your bid to be considered as humans by the IOC - buck the heck up - get up and keep on fighting. And please don't tell me that this is it for you - you are giving up because you are so so sad - that'd get you nowhere at the Olympics and it will get you nowhere on the great ski hill of life. And all you other women and male athletes that are so so sad - do something about it. Write letters - tell the IOC that you won't be competing in these stupid Olympics or the stupid ones in 2014. And if you own companies tell the organizers you won't be backing the Olympics - you won't be putting ads in the programmes, and all you athletic supporters tell those at the IOC that you won't be going to the event or buying t-shirts with great big EMPTY rings of sadness on them - you'll be out at the ....hmmm...pick any event that doesn't discriminate against gender, race or intelligence - and do it! I hearby state that I will not watch these events or partake in ANY way in the Big Empty Rings Of Sadness Spendathon called the Olympics. I'm done with you goofs and your ridiculous judgements.

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arlommoen said...

Send it to the Powers who have influence. It doesn't jar me into action.