Sunday, July 5, 2009

Out the Bay

let's go out the bay says my fella.

it's not raining or nearly not...

good enough says I. Let's get Pete and Sue and Annie.

people were a tad reluctant. It's kinda foggy and drizzly out. Nah - it's great out! so Pete and Sue leave their begillion pints of strawberries awaiting to be smirched into jam and get out here. Annie isn't home??? She's at the gym but she phones Ron when he and Pete are canoeing out to the Bone Beach and Sue and I are so busy rowing we don't know where they've gone until we see them coming across the bay with an extra passenger. They picked her up at Murphy's Point. We haul up at Bone Bay - so called because we always find cool bones there. Always until today. But hey! We found these wonderful wild irises flagging at us.

and we climbed to the top of the old cliff and lay about on the mossy comfort and invented things and Ron wandered and we ate crackers and cheese and chocolate(!) and strawberries and cherries. Oh my.

Sue and Pete canoeing home...

and I got to sit in stern of the boat while two master rowers took me home.

ron got splashed all the way home but my oh my he had the biggest grin on his face.

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arlommoen said...

Lovely nature pics. Great to see it from a distance.