Wednesday, July 1, 2009

oh canada

tis canada day and it is ....drum roll...raining! I don't give a care because this family (other than me that is) is dudsville when it comes to holidays. so I'm going into town to visit someone and perhaps bringing step-dot, Ron might be going out for a sail during the canada day sail parade with a bunch of folks...maybe I'll have something red and white to eat...maybe not.

life with baby chicks is fraught. we are tossing four eggs as they are too long overdue and nothing happening and mama not sitting on them. One of the chicks is slow on its tiny pegs and has been picked or scraped on its back. it might not make it as mama has to chase the vibrant one around and the other one stands and peeps forlornly. we both thought we might bring it in and put it in its own brooder but that seems wrong on many counts - it would be all alone for one and then we'd have to re-introduce it. I say that I am thinking so what? we give it lots of attention get it caught up and re-introduce it at night under mama and she'd be fine. Or we just let nature have its way and it could be good and it might be bad.
it is nice to see the lively one leap up the ramp and jump (!) over the barrier into the coop like it is maybe fourteen days old instead of four.
alright. to clear up any misunderstandings - the egg pictures below were of eggs for Linder's birthday breakfast. I did not give her eggs to hatch - she's got enough things to take care of with her house hoicked up and a foundation poured underneath and a zillion fantastic gardens as usual! I just brought her eggs for her birthday and they looked so nice on her butcher block with all that wood that I had to take a pic of it. So there you go. All mysteries solved.
I'm off to think about tiny chick again.
later with news.

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Anonymous said...

I find it marvellously joyful that amid the whirld turnings and wars and traffic, I can pop in to see how the baby chicks are doing.