Tuesday, June 30, 2009

which came first...

these are our Linder's eggs.

that is I gave them to her for her birthday on

Sunday, June 28th.

While I was giving them to her the second chick was born.

so it will be called Jackson.

both chicks will be called Jackson until

further notice.

one for Linder

and one for


don't ask...

and further to that
a dear reader asked
why no more?
this is not unusual when hatching a brood...
they weren't all laid on the same day so...
we are a bit concerned
Crow took the two chicks into the run and left
the eggs for an indeterminite time
yesterday so?
we'll see.
if two is what we get we'll be fine.
later you all.
we haven't been out this morning so cross your
I have some things to do.
love ya.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Phew.... I was wondering... so two jacksons? I heard he had a clone anyway..