Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday and the sun is shining finally

four days of rain and fog. Spread Nova Scotia style on the first long weekend of the season. Yep. But I didn't give a care because I had lots to do and no time to garden (nor the heart for it as it happens). It stopped about an hour ago. I've been writing with Gwen this afternoon - just another Tuesday at the keyboard. This morning we had a real estate guy look the place over. He seemed nice enough but I didn't want to go through the whole house with him so Ron did and I holed up in here and worked on the play I'm directing.

I keep saying my mantra over and over again - it's a paraphrase of the words my mother told me when I was so sad about letting her and Dad down by getting pregnant - she said "you didn't tell us you were sick or that someone was dying - you told us you were having a baby" which I've modified to "no one is sick or dying - we're just moving" You'd think I'd be used to it. This will be my fortieth!!!! home if we do move. We'll be moving into the side we didn't live on so it gets to be a new one even if it really is an old one. So let's see let me count the reasons why this will be a good thing:

  1. I can make a very nice garden there - it is flat and sunny!

  2. I can move the chickens and they're sure to like it as hmmm...well they just are.

  3. We will put new windows in and a new deck!

  4. We won't have parties anymore and they are soooooo annoying.

  5. oh oh I'm slipping into sardonic meaness....

  6. I will be able to write without worrying constantly about what sort of advance I might get if I ever get one published.

  7. My sweetie and I will be able to sleep at night. Actually he always sleeps however I will be able to sleep at night.

  8. It is only seconds from the trail which will make Hoagy happy.

  9. The kids don't care what we do because we're all idiots anyway so this will just prove it. Plus they can take their friends to their mother's place which will be much nicer by comparison.

  10. Owning things is stupid and I need lots of practice letting go!

That last is the truth. I'm going to stick to that one.

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Liz in PA said...

Oh Jan~ How can it be? This will actually be the 40th time you have moved to a different house?

Oh my the adventures you must have stored in your memory cells about each and every home! Tell me more!