Thursday, May 21, 2009


my sweet patootie is gone to Labrador. We went to the airport this morning and off he went with his backpack and his handy painted wooden box with special tools that he can't rent there. He's going to work on his mom's porch and hang out with his family for a couple of weeks. I'm going to take care of the dog and the chickens and the teenagers.


Everything seems to be piling up - clients and concerts and gatilleys of every sort so that I will be rushing one from another...

I want to get to The Rockwalker. Maybe I'll have time on Saturday. That and garden. Get the seeds in. I can still have a decent crop by starting on the REAL Queen Victoria Day!

It was hot today - so nice I'm sure.

And in case anyone is worrying - I feel pretty optimistic - I have that old prairie can-do attitude upon me. It came the other night instead of the dark imaginings. Quite refreshing - like a good summer rainstorm - all cleaning and sparkling everything up so that I saw everything in balance and it was good. Very good. I rolled over and hugged the s.p. who kind of grunted and snored and even that was good.

And you know what? I have a nice guy and nice family and nice friends and everyone seems to be very kind which is as you may know the religion of the Dalai Lama - that's what he says "my religion is kindness". Can't beat it really - it refreshes and rejuvinates everything it touches. A woman asked if I had any money to spare and I said it so happened I did - I had a toonie to spare that I really had no direct need of and that she was welcome to. And she seemed quite pleased but of course she had to ask another and another and another which must get very wearing don't you think? And then I saw all the big signs on the way home for the provincial election and I know they must cost more than a toonie each don't you think? And what is the point of that? One house had a big PC one and next to it an even bigger Liberal one. And it looked to be a single family dwelling. But I guess sign makers have to eat too in these tough times and it is a bad election that doesn't spread a little butter for your bread around.
And I got home and Val hadn't been here so the dog wasn't walked and he was quite glad to see me and so I let him out and fed the chickens but didn't let them out as the dog was and hung up the wash that I did this morning and answered a lot of calls and emails and then let the chickens into the bigger world for a little scratch. Now I'm in here with the dog and Jake is up from his mom's having his guitar lesson. I can hear the metronome. Think I'll take the dog for a short stroll at least.

Bye now! Love you all dear readers...

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