Friday, May 29, 2009

on writing

a writing report - hello all you sticks! look lively you carrots!

here is what is happening - since the household recession took effect a couple of weeks ago my writing output has been kind of sketchy. stress is hard on creativity of all sorts AND yet I think my practice remains in place. The wake-up call about our money scene and the subsequent fall out (wake-up then try to go back to sleep - fail, repeat) happened at the same time as I was starting the second draft. I kept my hand in by starting book number 4 - Sojourners - and reading about writing with Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell and Write Away by Elizabeth George. On Tuesday I started a major rewrite of The Rockwalkers. I realized that I had the wrong main protagonist. It happens. I needed to tell the story to myself and I did that with my first draft. Not Elizabeth George's way but fine all the same. It is interesting to do all this heavy duty weeding and planting at the same time but it is happening. Again I'm at the point where I want a writing retreat. Really not going to happen this time so I am now engaging this blog again to set some goals for the rewrite. I will rewrite -hmmm...this is going to have to be time not wordcount because rewriting is soooooo different...alright - I will rewrite on The Rockwalkers for two hours a day - six days a week. I will start today! Sojourners will be shelved until I finish this one enough for readers at least. Euhh...I didn't like when I wrote that because I really like Sojourners and don't want to leave it. OK. I will re-write on RW for an hour and a half a day and do 1,000 words a day on S.


Your job dear readers is to respond from time to time with hurrahs! or move your butt - whichever you think is needed!

OK - I'll get going now!


Jude said...

Good on ya, Crazy Jane.
Eat Ontario Pork!!!!!

Liz in PA said...

Dear Jan~ You are LIMITLESS!

And I like your style....anyway you only
have to please yourself! And ME! LOL


oceanartist said...

hurrah hurrah --- ah economic dryness can indeed be hard on the creativity bone. more vitamin T, for time.