Monday, May 25, 2009

doll head

OK - not much time here so will just put the COMPLETELY unfinished doll head I'm working on. I'm using creativeclay which is a paper clay and is totally heavenly to work with.
And I went to my darlingest granddaughter's dance recital yesterday afternoon. She was so good - the little maniac hip hopper!!! Go Hannah!!!
Also, I had another rehearsal last night and even though half the women don't come the ones that do rock! We had a very interesting time.
I hate this without Ron thing. I don't have time to breathe with doing my stuff and his stuff. The kids come tonight! Yikes! I put beans into finish baking at 5:30 this morning.
So posting this and taking the dog for a walk and writing a note and not feeling bad about not planting garden because it is just time now if one plants annuals in the waxing moon which of course I do!! And then going into work and not getting home until 7 pm and arggghhh!

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