Friday, May 1, 2009


I can't possibly write about it so don't ask. Let's just say I was somewhat squeezed by the experience. Like all solitary retreats I felt lonely and add to that the inner voice saying "who do you think you are missy?" and night-time terrors of tax collectors and smirking publishers and my 'big feelin' ways. I got a lot done maybe or maybe not much. I'm in no position to say. I'll write you all when my composure returns. See - right there! Right there I looked at the word composure and oooh it's doing it again - it absolutely doesn't look like a word to me. In fact I'm sure it isn't. And today when I was writing about the Tantallon Detachment for the fourteenth billionth time - well what kind of word is that? Is that a word? Isn't it what I'm after with my Buddhist practice? I feel like the pixies entered my ear while I slept on the hardest bed in the universe and de-fragged my brain only they did toooooo good of a job. And it is all gone. So I'll be leaving you now. Maybe tomorrow. I'll put in a picture or two of glorious Peggy's Cove though. I'm not a writer. I'm a photographer.


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Liz in PA said...

We'll be here waiting!

Compelling.....hummm, now that's a word to comprehend!

Liz in PA ♥♥♥