Saturday, March 21, 2009


slea head, dingle peninsula, ireland

Saturday morning sometimes I like to sleep in bed past ...oh...7:30 say. But the livestock get restless. John Wayne starts crowing around 4 am but it doesn't bug me til later when I think, just maybe, they are dying for their water. We're still bringing it in these cold nights. Then Hoagy starts in. He needs out. He hasn't peed. It's all about water in or out. So...I put the dog out...I make coffee. Ron has a shower (water again). He puts a wash in. He goes down and brings the dog in and puts the water out and lets the birds free. Then we have a cup of coffee only I'm only having a bit because I'm weaning myself off caffeine again. Time to get serious with my sleeping habits. Maybe I shouldn't watch Cracker before sleeping. Last night I was tormented by thoughts of the horrible duo that were in the show we watched. They were REALLY mean and scary. Those british shows do not hold back. No. At any rate back to the livestock. The chickens are out pretending there is life under the duff so they're good. Two eggs so far... and now it is the dog's turn again. Suffer suffer suffer. I go off with step-dot to the market where we once again have a good ole time then I'm back lying around eating my fave Saturday lunch - fresh sourdough with big hunks of 'darn hot pepperoni'. Ya! And reading the paper which is getting a bit tired to me. I know those Globe & Mail writers must think that all the dear readers they have do nothing but sit around on their fat keesters thinking about the economy and how their lives are ruined - News Flash - some of us aren't really that affected. I don't need to stop eating filet mignon, drinking Dalwhinnie and not buying Manlo Blahniks. I haven't stopped - ok once in awhile with the scotch but not enough to give it up -. Ditto the over-use of the dryer, the always buying a new car - wouldn't dream of it - don't own a dryer. NEVER ever bought a new car or even a 'gently used' car. Only OLD cars.

To get back to the point - the livestock - Hoagy that is - gets so restless when I'm muttering at the paper. He wants his walk. Is he going to get it? Yes - I finally give into his dogged determination and out we go. OH my the world is much nicer than the Globe & Mail. Much.

later with a word count.


arlommoen said...

Interesting blog today. Great word count. Wish I had the ability to ramble on like that.

Anonymous said...

oh.. you are in Ireland?
he dingle peninsula was my favourite area, I stayed an extra three days.

It's the doggy eyes that get you..the steady gaze like he is hypnotizing you... take me out....take me out... take me out...